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Hello friends,

      My name is Arun Gautam. This is my blog by the name of 'PRACTICAL LIFEFriends, my sole purpose of creating this blog is that there is something inside me that should tell me. Here I will share my experiences with you who can help you to give birth to a new idea. Apart from this, you want to present all subjects related to spirituality, science, psychology, society, politics, history etc. without hurting the sentiments of any person, religion or sect, in present language to all of you. Hopefully, reading this blog will open up the source of some new emotions within you. I invite all of you to this blog to accept my invitation.

If you have any questions related to the articles in my blog, please share this post at 'paltudaas68@gmail.com, of course, you will get the answer.

Name: Arun Gautam
City:    Unnao 

State: Uttar Pradesh

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Contact: paltudaas68@gmail.com

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